Vinyl Clings

Vinyl clings can be an easy way to add detail to your dungeon tiles without spending the time crafting objects or 3D printing them out. The one major caveat is you really only can cut objects out a single time so I use Photoshop to load up a sheet's worth of images and only then print. 


There happens to be quite a range of vinyl products that stick to things. The ones we need be concerned about are specifically worded with "laser vinyl static cling" and "inkjet vinyl static cling." Although there are plenty of static vinyl cling products available, only Papilio has products made specifically for printing vinyl in inkjet and laser printers. This company seems to have two official, separate resellers; Texascraft and Duradecal. Selection is slightly wider at Texascraft, but shipping on Duradecal is definitely cheaper ($7.60 vs $2.66 to southern California). 


The two colors you will want to look at are 'clear' and 'white.' Anything that is purely a translucent overlay should be used with clear; fires, magic, and steps. Anything with the color white will come out clear since printers don't print white. Even then all other colors will be translucent like a holiday gel window cling. White vinyl sheets should be used for almost everything else since all the colors will appear solid just like printing on a regular white sheet of paper.  Try to stay away from any graphic that needs both solid and translucent colors. 


Decals can quickly and cheaply enhance gameplay.

Several events could spawn from this setup alone.

Egg on white vinyl

Egg on white vinyl with border

Egg on clear vinyl (the white goes away using clear)

Blood on clear vinyl


  1. Find images you want or create your own 

  2. Import/copy the images into a graphics program (GIMP is a good, free choice if you don't have Photoshop) on a work area 8.5 x 11"

  3. Edit (YouTube has great tutorials on whatever program you're using) the images according to a 1" grid. Ex. a bookshelf may be 0.5x2" (2.5x10' in game) 

  4. Once everything is to the correct size, figure out which images should be on white cling and clear cling sheets and put them in respective, separate files.

  5. Arrange all the images as to fit as many as possible on the sheet to reduce waste. I'm a big fan of  using the program TexturePacker as it will auto arrange your images for you.

  6. Print out the page for assembly.


Image Creation



  • Laser Blue-Line Static Cling - Clear - 8.5 in x 11 Texascraft $12.71 Duradecal $12.71

    • Google Keywords: laser static cling vinyl​​​

  • Laser Blue-Line Static Cling White - White - 8.5 in x 11 Texascraft $15.50 / Duradecal N/A

    • Google Keywords: laser static cling vinyl



  • Inkjet Static Cling - Clear - 8.5 in. x 11 Texascraft $13.36 / Duradecal N/A
    • Google Keywords:  inkjet static cling vinyl​​​​​​​

  • Inkjet Static Cling - White - 8.5 in. x 11 Texascraft $13.36 / Duradecal N/A
    • Google Keywords:  inkjet static cling vinyl​​​​​​​​​

Notice: Although I try to update all of my links & prices at least once a month, sellers may change or remove the particular items or prices since the time they have been listed here. The items I have listed are the best that I have found at the time, but any item matching the general description should suffice for this project.


I've broken these down by size and then by part. In addition, I have added the Googlekeywords I used to find these items if you want to do your own searches or in the event that the seller has changed/removed the item listed below.

IMPORTANT: Wait at least 10 minutes to allow the toner/ink to completely dry and if you need to stack them for storage use wax paper. The print may lift onto what is stacked above it otherwise.



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