Online Initiative Counters

Using online initiative counters can be very convenient if you have a tablet or PC at the table as there is no cost for most of the ones I've run across. The following are the top 3 I've found so far.

Donjon Initiative Tracker $0

Not only will this let you input stats information and notes, but you can also put in a goblin and designate that there are 8 of them and save your encounter info. 


  • Auto-populates enemies w/ number field

  • Save/load the tracker



  • Stats have to be plugged in manually, doesn't randomize HP


DM Stark Encounter Initiative Tracker $0

This one is a no-frills, bare-bones tracker, quick and easy to use; plug in the Initiative, Name, HP, and Notes.


  • Auto-sorts by initiative number



  • All creatures, even duplicates, must be manually entered one by one

  • You can't save any infomation


Improved Initiative $0 or $1/$5 (Patreon)

This one is very comprehensive; an existing monster library details and stats, the ability to input new/custom monsters & players, AND let players view the encounter (minus DM details) on their own devices. Pledging to the developer on Patreon will enable additional customizations. However, the site is a bit clunky and takes a considerable amount of time to input monster data. If you utilize the free version only, one very strong word of warning; all of your custom content is stored on your local cookies. If you don't manually download your data, you're lose everything if you clear your cookies.