Laminated Tiles

I self-laminated all my floors so I could draw on my dungeon as needed. In addition, I feel the laminate gives the tiles a little more high quality feel to them, like the domes on my tokens. I don't laminate the wall sections because I don't ever see myself needing to apply dry erase to them and it would frankly be a pain to do all the thin cutting in such a thicker surface than paper.  

Use to mark:

  • Traps

  • Important dungeon features (chasms, etc.)

  • Items/treasure​


"A ruby key lies in the middle of an otherwise empty room."


An added bonus, vinyl cling stickers adhere to the tiles.

  • Dead bodies (I designate fallen bodies as Difficult Terrain)

  • Spell effects​



Notice: Although I try to update all of my links & prices at least once a month, Amazon sellers may change or remove the particular items or prices since the time they have been listed here. The items I have listed are the best that I have found at the time, but any item matching the general description should suffice for this project.


I've broken these down by size and then by part. In addition, I have added the keywords I used to find these items if you want to do your own searches or in the event that the seller has changed/removed the item listed below.



  1. Follow instructions as per Crooked Staff's tutorial, except apply laminate to texture paper before mounting onto cardboard