Initiative Counter

Keeping track of initiative is a pain when you can't just dry erase it all off or have something everyone can easily see. 

My needs were very simple; initiative 0-20+, round counter, space for monster info (so much easier to dry erase HP!), and general notes (i.e. Player 1 confused until round 7).  Sheet protectors are inherently dry erase friendly. Yes, they will smudge/stain over time, but just swap them as needed and it will take years to go through a pack.

You can also find resources for online initiative counters here.


Combat is easy to keep track of when the fundamentals are easy to keep track of.

Sheet Protector / Laminated


Notice: Although I try to update all of my links & prices at least once a month, Amazon sellers may change or remove the particular items or prices since the time they have been listed here. The items I have listed are the best that I have found at the time, but any item matching the general description should suffice for this project.


I've broken these down by size and then by part. In addition, I have added the keywords I used to find these items if you want to do your own searches or in the event that the seller has changed/removed the item listed below.



Standard Version​​

  • Staples High Capacity Sheet Protectors (25) $6.50 - If you don't have any I'd ask a friend 1st before buying anything. They're just insanely expensive and you can't really just get a few without resorting to the lightweight ones that have no chance of standing up to repeated use. 

    • Keywords: sheet protectors



Maximum Durability Version

  • Dry Erase Markers, Fine or Ultra Fine - I'd stay away from Quartet. They tend to stain easily. I use EXPO Dry Erase Marker​​

8-Count $6.50

  1. Print out the Counter

  2. Slip it into the sheet protector (and/or use the laminate sheets)

  3. Use dry erase marker only. I try to assign my players colors and all monsters another. This helps keep track of everyone a little more efficiently


Life hack: If you accidentally use permanent you can draw over it with dry erase marker then erase as normal



  • ​​​Huntz Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (50) $13 Use it instead of or on top of the sheet protector. You can also use a 2nd sheet to protect the back or a piece of cardboard. Honestly, I'd only do this version if you've done (or will do) my laminated dungeon tiles

    • Keywords: self-adhesive laminating sheets 





EXPO Dry Erase Markers, Ultra Fine, Assorted Colors; 

EXPO Dry Erase Markers, Fine, Assorted Colors; 



Expo Dry Erase Board Eraser $3.50

○  Keywords: dry eraser

I'll be honest, whether you make your own or buy a package for a magnetic version it'll cost you roughly the same; $15-20. The real difference comes down to having a predetermined layout, store-bought, or customizing your own.


Custom Supplies

  • Box of magnetic pawns $10 - paint them different colors for the players/monsters accordingly if you need more of a particular color​​

    • Keywords: magnetic pawns


  • Paizo Combat Pad $20 - It is dry erase and has magnetic writable flags and tokens to keep track of initiative order, round, and special notes. 

    • Keywords: combat pad



○  Keywords: fine dry erase markers / ultra fine dry erase markers