Dungeon Master Screens

Maybe you've started a new edition of D&D. Maybe there is a new version of that edition's screen (5e). Maybe you simply don't like how/what is on the screen (again, 5e). Whatever the reason, you simply need something better!

This page is going to be pretty short since there is a web page that simply gets it right with the advice and explanations already; Campaign Mastery's Top 9 Dungeon Master Screen Hacks


Bottom line, you don't need to buy a new screen to ensure that you have all your needed information. You could make your own, but there are already several content/table/screen information replacements on DM's Guild

Version 2 of the 5e screen

My Process

Although I have at least 1 screen from every edition but 4e, I recycled my 5e because it is thick, has a glossy finish that I can stick things too without damaging it, and, most importantly to me, the simple principle of needing to make the thing useful for a change other than Conditions.

I found that Extensive DM Screen for DnD 5e with Party Tracker (Landscape) on DM'a Guild was perfect for my needs. It has 8 pages, the last 2 being trackers, and wanted to use 6 of them. Instead of canning 2 of them I decided to tape them all to my woefully underperforming 4 panel 5e screen. I taped 4 pages top and bottom and then taped 2 more in the center 2 panels just on top so I could flip them over as needed. 

5e: lots of physical space, pretty art that takes up real estate, and several useless tables like NPC background generators (I have sites bookmarked for that!)

4 of 6 pages of combat, conditions, armor, and weapons

Flip the middle 2 pages for skill check DC and examples