The most affordable way to have physical decorations for your game is to make them yourself. In addition, you have the freedom to tailor the details to your individual taste and needs. 


For my own crafting ideas look on the other pages of this website. I wanted to have a small but potent pool of resources for everyone so that you don't have to use Grand Master levels of Google-fu to find ideas, tips, tricks, tutorials, etc.  on how to craft stuff for your game, your way.



Various furniture from The Crooked Staff



In the course of running your game, you may need/want to fix things to your dungeon/map whether or not you're using clings. Perhaps to plant set dressing or in lieu of vinyl clings such as bookcases, barrels, etc. Here are a few options with their pros and cons. I have ranked them according to several criteria and the descriptions will break down the individual pros & cons.

Scotch Restickable Mini Tabs .5" x .5" 72-Tabs (Add-on) $3.50 or 1" x 1" 18-Tabs $4.50 - Peel these squares, stick them to your map, stick whatever on top, peel when done. No fuss, no muss. And if they get dirty? Just gently wash them with some hand soap. These things are simply amazing. The only drawback I've found with these is specifically needing to use some wax paper to stick them to for storage when you are done. 


  1. Reusable

  2. Easiest to apply

  3. Best adhesive

  4. Easiest to remove



  1. Most work to store; have to use wax paper or somesuch 

  • Keywords: restickable tab

These are a great way to learn as we know and crafting practices are no different. If you search for "dungeon crafting" you'll get the same names to come up for various videos again and again; Black Magic Crafting, The DM's Craft, TheDMGinfo, and Wyloch's Armory. These gentlemen have upped their game to create exquisite results. My personal ace in the hole is Crooked Staff Terrain AKA The Crooked Staff. I've definitely utilized his techniques more than anyone else for my personal crafts, but all of those listed below are worth checking out.


Black Magic Craft

"Black Magic Craft teaches you how to build amazing terrain to use with you favourite tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. These projects can be adapted and used in many different tabletop games like Frostgrave, Age of Sigmar, or 40K. Join me as I share my journey through building projects for my own game."

The DM's Craft

"Videos to help gamers make (inexpensive) tiles, set pieces and terrain for their table top games."


"This channel is dedicated to providing information on crafting modular dungeon terrain for tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. As well as introducing a few custom rules to D&D based games to provide more enjoyable, faster and "realistic" gameplay for both players and Dungeon Masters. The channel will also feature information on campaign, story and quest ideas to aid in building a great gaming experience."

Wyloch's Armory

"Bringing you a new twist on the concepts by DMScotty and I'll be doing a good mix of modular tiles and scenery. Fire up the glue gun, aggregate the cardboard, and let's get to it!"

Crooked Staff Terrain

"Cheap and easy terrain tips for wargames and RPGs."

YouTube Videos

Plus Corporation Glue Tape 4/pk $10 - This is very easy and convenient akin to using whiteout tape, and this brand has the most footage at 52' per roll. After use, it only takes a quick moment to rub the glue off with your thumb. Do not use on laminate. This is the only surface that it won't come off from that I've found


  1. Very cost effect - $0.05 / foot

  2. Easy to apply, but it is best to apply it to the map instead of the object



  1. Can't use on laminated material 

  2. Creates debris when rubbing off (not much, but it is there)

  3. The weakest adhesive of the options

  4. Ultimately will need to buy Refills - 4pk for $9 (but only after using a total of 208' of tape!)

  • Keywords: removable glue tape

1. Restickable Tabs

2. Removable Glue Tape

Scotch Removable Poster Tape 3/4" x 150" $5 - This is a very convenient option as it is fundamentally just a thick roll of tape with backing to remove.  


  1. Easy to apply



  1. Can be difficult to get the backing off of the tape, especially with short nails/bigger fingertips

  2. Can stretch a little when tearing off & edges may not lay 100% flat, cutting off may be best

  3. Won't last as long as the other options & ultimately will need to buy more

  • Keywords: removable poster tape

3. Removable Double-Sided Tape


Notice: Although I try to update all of my links & prices at least once a month, Amazon sellers may change or remove the particular items or prices since the time they have been listed here. The items I have listed are the best that I have found at the time, but any item matching the general description should suffice for this project.


I've broken these down by size and then by part. In addition, I have added the keywords I used to find these items if you want to do your own searches or in the event that the seller has changed/removed the item listed below.