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To give back to the D&D community by providing a variety of dungeons & dragons crafting tutorials and resources to help Dungeon Masters make stellar table-top assets of high-level quality on a low-income budget.

  • Ongoing expansion of existing topics

  • Technology at the table

  • Software

  • Running online games

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I've been playing D&D and other tabletop RPGs for roughly 30 years and started DMing full time in 2017. I've experienced the full array of what there is to offer from using only your imagination to Dwarven Forge 3D dungeons to PC/battle map combo and everything in between. Of course, I wanted to give the ultimate experience to my players, especially those that were new, but I'm not exactly rich and through a series of critical failures through the years no longer had any of my minis, maps, tiles, papercraft, etc. I had my books, dice, a tiny budget, and the will to create an inventory of assets not only to replace what I no longer have but to ensure that what I was about to set forth on was absolutely the right items for my campaign. 



Using my knowledge of previous products, artistic skills, craftiness (pun intended), and rather lack of disposable income I set off for adventure. I had noticed that there are many wonderful websites and YouTube channels around on asset creation for D&D/tabletop games but that they tend to only focus on a single thing; just terrain, just tiles, just tokens, etc. Naturally, I wanted to have more than just a single thing on hand. My venture into creating assets for my game was a little frustrating having to do entire new search strings and then compare results and videos by cost and quality and style. I have great respect for those who have inspired me with their sites and videos and I refer to them often.  In many things, I will refer to them as starting points and jump from there, and also refer back to them afterward for further exploration. I have no desire to reinvent the wheel when so many people have perfected their individual crafts. I have tweaked things I've found, experimented with new ways of doing things, and sometimes stick to what my predecessors have done. ​

Notice: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This happens to be a side benefit and is not why I created this site. As my Mission states, my only overriding concern is the ability to give back to the community and that you are happily able to build the best, high-quality D&D assets for a budget price. In fact, if you find better deals on other sites/stores and/or better products more power to you and I'd like to know so I can update this site accordingly to help everyone's budget.